30 Days to Homeschool Renewal

Four Lessons, Four Videos, Four Worksheets

Four Places where Accountability will Change Your Homeschool for the Better.

Practical advice from a fellow homeschool parent who has been down this road for the last eighteen years. 

Almost twenty years in the homeschool community has taught me a lot. As a parent, I still have struggles in my homeschooling. I've gathered a lot of knowledge along the way that helps me get back on track faster and identify where I need to make changes. In this course I share what I know has helped transform our homeschool for the better. Learn from the missteps of myself and the parents I have helped over the last eight years as a homeschool advocate and leader.

Strong families, better communication and less frustration is our goal for the next 30 days. 

Four Video Sessions:

•  Don't Miss The Mark! Being Intentional About relationships

•  If EVERYTHING's not working, Maybe it's me? Accountability 101

•  Working With a multi-age homeschool - Tips from a K-12 mom

•  Where Do you keep it all? Helping kids get and stay organized

Course Syllabus

Homeschool Renewal

Can We have an Honest Talk about a Better Approach to Homeschooling? In this Homeschool Growth Workshop we discuss the ways that we as parents and caregivers make our job more difficult. I share some victory stories and ideas to help create accountability and efficiency

Individual Accountability Bundle Worksheets

The Accountability Bundle ($10 value) is included in this course. We will practice using these printable worksheets in depth throughout the course to give you a place to keep goals, build plans and hold every member of your homeschool accountable to do their best this school year.

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