Homeschool Consultation Package For the Best Schooling Year Ever

We all need advice from an expert. 

I ask my banker about interest rates and my mechanic about my car. I don't know enough about either to make great decisions without their valuable input. I know big families. I have intimate knowledge of strained budgets and first hand wisdom of long working hours and schedule nightmares. Our experience as homeschooling parents runs the full spectrum, we have had years where we split the schooling load and years I was the only teacher. We've worked with what we could afford and worked to afford what we couldn't. We learned while we navigated, and we didn't have a voice to guide us from the dashboard. I want to put a map in you hands, so you can stop recalculating your route.

For 18 years we've navigated homeschooling a big family with love, grace and quite a few tears. As a second generation homeschooler I see a new breed of homeschooling parent. These families; like you, are making their own way. I am so proud of each and every one of you. I want you to succeed. 

My heart's desire is that no homeschool family turn back to public school just because they didn't have the support they needed. 

As a busy Mother like you, I didn't have time to waste guessing year after year about what was going to work for my family. We have had a head start because I had a great group of wise women to learn from. I want you to have access to all that they taught me and everything I have learned as well.

We are going to have a great call and I'm not going to waste a second of your time. The good news is that, you, as a homeschool Mother are my new favorite girlfriend, so get comfortable and entrust me with your heart for a few hours. With 10 kids you are not going to shock me or ever feel condemned because you are not experiencing the success your family deserves. 

You are doing one of the hardest thing by going against the flow and keeping your children home with you for school and I want to cheer you on. I want to acknowledge you as an educator. Even better, I want to give you practical skills and advice you can use today.

After you sign up you can jump right in. 

As we set up a time for our call, you can print the prep list I've prepared to help you. The steps are already laid out. We can have the most focused and relevant hour as we get right to the point and talk about your school year.  

With the steps already laid out, you won't ever have to guess what to do at any point. From our first one-hour call to the last follow-up call, and the steps in-between, I will put tools in your hands to give you great results.

This is going to be the first step to the best year yet.

Course Syllabus

Preparing For Our First Call

Face it, we both don't have time or money to waste. We are busy homeschool parents with a ton a demands on us from day to day. I don't want to waste a second of your time on our call. Here is how we can ensure a call that your call will be tailored to you and your family. This is why you wanted to talk to me in the first place, no more cookie cutter generalizations, you want clear instructions. Let's get them for you.

After Your 1 Hour Consulting Call

We are going to follow up with a call in a week. Take some time each day to evaluate the ideas and changes we discussed. Take care to write down specific questions you would like to ask during our follow up call.

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