In Due Season: The Six Keys to Your Successful Homeschool Year


What if the middle of your homeschooling years could be as exciting as that first one?

In Due Season is a series for the long middle stretch before you. Beginnings are great, and planning for the end is satisfying, but the middle can be a long, winding, uncharted road. This series is full of weekly encouragement for the time in-between that anxious first day and the moment you walk your child down the aisle in their cap and gown.

In this series, we will provide practical ideas that you can apply right now. We’ll look at simple shifts in school set up and challenging conversations designed to help you have the very best homeschooling year ever, no matter where you are in your homeschool experience.

My heart's desire is that you never lose sight of the end of the road in your homeschool journey. We want to help ensure a strong finish by helping you live well in the middle.

“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” Galatians 6:9, ESV.

Each Unit will cover one of the 6 Road blocks I have personally experienced in my years of homeschooling. I promise that every one of these lessons have changed the way I homeschool for the better. We have learned to love our children with our school time. I want you to get your smile back and laugh with your kids more often.


This will be a great study for you if...

Have you struggled with comparison? I share personal stories that I am sure you will see yourself in.

You have never clearly expressed why you homeschool? We talk about how knowing "why" you homeschool will help you stay the course through difficult times, as well as helping you to make critical changes. Take your general thoughts and ideas and use them to create an iron clad statement you can believe in.

Do you want to learn more about the gift of flexibility, the importance of your influence and the relevance of community as they relate to homeschooling your family?

Sign up today. Go get some coffee and tuck into your favorite chair. Grab a quiet 10 minutes and a pen, and spend some intentional time looking at ways to grow stronger as a homeschool family. I hope you are encouraged as we make this year your very best ever.

Course Syllabus

Demonstrating Love With Our Homeschool

Homeschooling might be one of the most unique opportunities we have to express our love to our children in ways that will shape them well into adult hood. If we lose focus of that gift we are falling short of our calling. In this Unit we will walk through three ways that we use our school time and create a personalized plan to value your children and connect more deeply during your school time.

Embrace Your Homeschool Without Comparison

The best advice I can offer is to embrace being you! Everything about you, your quirks, your schedule, and your crazy life. If you are like many homeschool families, you might not fit the public-school mold. To be quite honest, in our family, we do not even fit the homeschool mold. I have had a lot of lessons in making comparisons to help me embrace our crazy uniqueness. Together we are going to help define what your homeschool needs to look like to help each one of your students thrive.

Having Your Own Map to Guide You: Your "Why" Page

Setting out on the journey of homeschooling is a huge undertaking. The route will change with every child, but the end destination is that fixed point in the future; graduation day. On the outset of any trip we set the address of our final destination into our GPS. Immediately we know how long our journey is going to be and can plan for the journey. I want to share with you about how I set my GPS for homeschooling. Some people call it a mission statement, I just call it my "Why" page.

Flexibility: A Vital Tool For A Successful Homeschool

In this unit we are talking about flexibility and your willingness to make changes. You can't change a problem if you can't identify it, but often we know exactly why we are feeling drained and still don't change it. The emotions involved in solving a problem can be just as draining as the problem itself. Staying the course is great at times but there are also times when it takes flexibility to keep us from moving in the right direction. Flexibility helps us make the big changes we need to stick

The Power of Our Influence

I want to tell you that you are an influencer. As a homeschool parent you are now an active force in the education of your child. You matter deeply in this plan. You are the most important tool for your child’s success. In this unit we will talk about the power of our words and the influence our internal narrative has over our school life. We will take some time to reflect on our positive influencers and learn lessons from them.

We Were Made For Fellowship

Homeschool can be a lonely road. Don’t let isolation lead to discouragement in your homeschooling. In this unit we talk about the importance of finding a community you love. Build one if you have to. Web based relationships are great, but don’t let that replace real human companionship. I share some lessons I have learned about community and the gift of finding one.

I hope this is the start of the best year yet for your Homeschool

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