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Homeschool Consultation Package For the Best Schooling Year Ever

I give you permission to stop guessing. Forget the curriculum you thought was going to fix everything. I know it's hiding in the back of your closet. Most of us homeschooling parents have one. The first thing I am going to do is give you permission to send it to your local library as a donation. No more guilt, no blame, no looking back. We are going to create a plan for you to have the best school year yet. You stopped the cycle of guessing and failing, now lets give you the tools you need.

Homeschool Quick Start Up Guide & Learning Resource & Curriculum List

This resource will help you create a plan for your homeschool and help you start-up with ease.

How to Avoid Getting Lost on Your Homeschool Journey

Create a "Why" page and stay the course from the first day of homeschooling, all the way to graduation.

In Due Season: The Six Keys to Your Successful Homeschool Year

Beginnings are great and planning for the end is satisfying, but the middle season of homeschooling can be a long, winding, uncharted road. We want to help ensure a strong finish by helping you live well, in the middle. This study addresses the roadblocks that keep us from having success. We provide clear exercises with daily journal questions that will create a plan that fits your individual school and give you a clear guide that will take you through the year.